Help Growing Medical Marijuana 
I am 24 years old and my girlfriend and I are in thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt. My girlfriend has an incurable disease called Endometriosis , and is unable to work. We are trying to move out to Oregon early next year, so that I can grow medical marijuana for her chronic pain and nausea, that would otherwise have to be controlled with hardcore narcotics. Cannabis is a huge benefactor for her condition, but as it is currently illegal to grow, have, or ingest in the state of Georgia, where we currently live. We are forced to seek better options. I’ve grown medically in Oregon before, and have a decent support network out there, but had to move back to Georgia to take care of some family, and have since, met the love of my life and have been taking care of her ever since. Though now, things have gotten a little overwhelming, with working two jobs and picking up odd jobs on my days off, and still just barely scraping by.. Paying off my debt from the move, and taking care of her debt (as she cannot work and doesn’t qualify for disabilities). So we have decided to turn to the internet to seek outside help from all of the kind and generous people of the world. To help us in achieving our goal of getting far enough out of debt and have enough money saved up to make the move to Oregon, to take part of their great medical system, to better take care of her and her needs, and to not feel like criminals for having a real reason to posses and grow a perfectly viable and affordable form of safe non addictive medicine. Please help us get to Oregon. Any amount of contribution or good vibes would be loved and appreciated! 
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"I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore."
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